Merchant Direct (Online Reporting)

At the heart of the Ctel Transaction Gateway is our secure online reconciliation tool Merchant Direct. This means that irrespective of the transaction source, every payment processed through our Gateway is available to reconcile just seconds after it is performed. All you need is a computer with an Internet Connection.

Merchant Direct gives you the power to reconcile, download and audit all transaction data from one central location. This allows you to reconcile payment data against bank receipts and produce relevant financial reports using existing business applications.

Reconcile payments made from any payment source

Merchant Direct simplifies the collection of payment information from a myriad of sources and payment streams, and provides the answer to merchant reconciliation problems. Irrespective of whether the payment was made on the Internet, via call centre or via any other of our payment streams, the transaction is available to reconcile in just seconds.

Data Encryption

The Merchant Direct website is protected by the latest in security encryption standards, ensuring you are always connecting to the real Merchant Direct website. Furthermore, because all transmissions between your web browser and Merchant Direct are encrypted, no one but you can see your transaction data.

All your transaction data at your finger tips

By using Merchant Direct you will have up-to-date financial information, and the ability to make quick, well informed business decisions. Transactions are available for viewing in Merchant Direct literally seconds after the transactions has taken place.

See just the information you want

Just select the fields you are interested in seeing and the report is generate in seconds. Reports can be generated for the current day, any day prior or for an entire date range. Reports can either be displayed on screen or you can choose to download them directly to your PC, by selecting from a number of predefined file formats.

If you would like reports to be generated in your own custom format, Ctel can also accommodate this requirements

Manage you own users

Using Merchant Direct you can manage all your own users. This means you can restrict user functions as required. For example, as a security measure you might want to restrict certain users ability to perform refunds and other mights have the ability to see transactions in Merchant Direct, but not process payments. These functions are particularly helpful if you process payments via our PC Direct desktop application.

Have your reports customised

If you want we can customise your reconciliation reports specifically to your requirements.

If you have specific business requirements, Ctel offers fully customised electronic reports that can be seamlessly integrated in to your accounting system.

If you have an existing legacy system or any other ‘fussy’ system that requires input data to be formatted in a particular way, we will customise a solution to your specific requirements. This permits seamless connectivity between your business and the banking network, allowing you to reconcile your payment data against bank receipts and produce relevant financial reports using your existing business applications.

Get access to your transaction data 24/7

At Ctel we know how crucial access to up-to-date information is to your business. That’s why we give you the ability to view and download transaction data online at any time of the day by logging on to Merchant Direct. This offers a number of predefined file formats for immediate use.


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