Direct Debit

In addition to credit card services, Ctel offers you the ability to accept and make payments to and from bank accounts via direct entry.

Direct entry gives you the flexibility and convenience of processing scheduled payments to gain full control over your cash-flow. This method of payment also allows your business to accomodate customers who do not hold credit accounts, with the added benefit of no Merchant Service Fees (MSF).

Due to the offline nature of direct entry processing, funds are cleared over night and reconciliation reports are made available in the following days.

Direct Entry

Whether you are an association, club, fitness centre or childcare centre, we can assist you implement and harvest the benefits of direct debit processing.

Ctel understands the process involved in setting up a direct entry facility and will work with you and your chosen financial institution to implement the simplest, most effecient, and cost effective solution for your business. Our staff are well experienced and familiar with banking regulations governing direct entry and will make sure your business is compliant with all direct entry requirements. Once setup. a direct entry facility can be used to collect (or disperse) funds from designated bank accounts.

To access the advantages of Ctel’s direct entry processing system, simply provide us with a comma separated text file (.csv) containing the details of the customers you wish to debit and we will do the rest.

Transaction reports indicating the fate of your direct entry payments are made available in the days following submission, and can be customised to suit your needs. Reports can even be imported into your existing systems to update customer accounts in one simple operation.


For further information on how Direct Debit will benefit your business, contact us on 1300 55 2835

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