About Us

Ctel Group is an Australian owned and operated Internet Payment Gateway specialising in the design and delivery of robust payments solutions for Australian businesses.

We provide payment services via the Internet, IVR, packaged desktop applications, Web Services and custom applications to suit the needs of our customers. All of Ctel’s payment acceptance methods are backed by advanced reporting tools both for online and batched reporting methods to suit your workflow process.

With an office in Sydney and data centres in New South Wales and South Australia, Ctel boasts multiple connections to the banking network, offering customers the security and reliability provided by our geographical and inter-system redundancy. The integrity of our payment systems is assured having satisfied all the requirements for PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance.

Our extensive experience in the transaction market enables us to deliver customised solutions, tailored to meet individual business needs and to ensure you do not incur unnecessary integration costs. Our sophisticated transaction gateways are capable of completing a real time transaction in 3 seconds whilst utilising the latest in encryption technology ensuring end-to-end data protection.

Our reputation in integration is a result of a proven track record in the design and implementation of systems that provide seamless connectivity to the banking network with minimum change to existing systems and infrastructure.

Ctel’s comprehensive suite of online reporting tools combined with daily transaction reports ensure that you always have access to up-to-date management information allowing you to make quick and well-informed business decisions. The decision making process is further simplified with customised daily reports that can be imported into most existing legacy systems.

Our commitment to customer service and the pursuit of excellence in the online payment field, combined with our team of qualified and highly motivated staff, has earned us an enviable reputation in the market.

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