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Who are Ctel & what do we do?

Ctel is an Australian owned and operated payment gateway specialising in the design and delivery of robust payment solutions to be integrated into applications that manage payments, since 2001.

We provide a range of solutions and applications to suit the needs of our partners, wanting a stable and secure solution as part of their offering.

With geographically redundant data centre’s we offer security and reliability. We have achieved Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance so you can be assured that we are implementing industry best practice at every touch point.

All solutions are supported with comprehensive online reporting, ensuring you always have access to up to date information.

Ctel Group are committed to outstanding customer service with Australian based support team available via telephone and email to ensure that you are supported at every step of them way.

With connections to all major banks in Australia, your clients can continue with their existing banking relationships but with the technology that automates, reduces human error and puts them in control of their finances and bottom line.

What Ctel Group offers you

Ctel’s suite of applications is designed to allow integration with your existing systems with minimum change to existing business processes.

Partnering with Ctel Group as your payment gateway offers your business greater benefits and provides opportunity to increase your bottom line, strengthen your client relationships and reduces technology costs of maintaining many integrations.

Sales Growth & Revenue Growth

Partnerships with Ctel Group offer your business the opportunity to add an additional revenue stream into your business while maintaining brand awareness of your company.

Our partners enjoy a great low rate for all transactions processed through our environment. And a sliding scale based on volume.

This model allows you to nominate the rate which you charge clients for transactions processed through your application.

Your rate of revenue is fully at your discretion.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Partnering with Ctel Group allows you to become a total solutions provider for your client. No longer will they have to apply to 3rd party companies to implement payment solutions with your software.

By implementing our payments as part of your solution, you are giving back power to your clients to control their cashflow and be in charge of the process from initiation to settlement.

Interaction is between yourself and Ctel to setup new clients. Clients interact with you for both supply and support of their payment solution.

Your clients are also no longer bound by a particular bank. Our solutions ensure that the implementation is the same for ALL banks with just a simple change of merchant details. No need to make complicated changes.

By partnering with our solution to process payment, your clients will also enjoy the direct settlement of funds into their bank account on a daily basis – not a schedule suitable to a 3rd party direct debit company.

Maximise Your Time, Engage Your Team

By implementing a single payment solution via Ctel Group, no longer will your team be required to ensure multiple integrations are working any time you want to make changes or upgrade your solution.

Our team is here to provide all the support needed. From testing to ensure the process is correct to after sales support, we work with you. We are here to ensure that it is a smooth process for your team – from technical to support.

Your team will feel confident that they are supported every step of the way, with less frustration and overwhelm.

Payment processing solutions

With a range of payment solutions at your disposal for integration, you can be assured that you are offering your clients the best value, offering and flexibility to accept payments.

We support an extensive range of payment channels, including:

  • Online payments (hosted and non hosted);
  • API;
  • Pay By The Phone;
  • Direct Debit;
  • Periodic & Batch Payments; and
  • Desktop Payments.

In addition, we provide online reporting that ensures you and your clients will always have access to up-to-date information.

Customised reporting for import is also available.

All API’s come with sample code. This allows partners to proof the system in a number of hours, rather than weeks.

In addition, we can offer partners and their clients additional assurance that any cardholder data is secure and encrypted through the use of “tokens” instead of maintaining actual card data. Stored as a series randomised numbers.

Ctel Group recognise that every business is unique and our extensive experience enables us to provide you and your clients with robust, automated payment solutions.


We are more than happy to discuss any of our solutions in more detail and how they can work for you, your business and your client’s businesses.

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